Software Suite

Software is a key component for maximizing the effectiveness and usefulness of your CNC Metal Spinning machine, and an area where MJC leads the competition. Our software packages offer intelligent solutions to any metal spinning challenge and provide valuable benefits to metalworking companies seeking to reduce costs, streamline processes, and gain a competitive advantage.

Our software engineers work tirelessly to ensure our modern programming tools are robust, flexible, configurable, and adaptable to the unique needs of your business. These powerful software packages allow you to proactively manage operations, capitalize on machine capabilities, and avoid disruptions and delays. You will be impressed with the increased efficiency and productivity of your shop floor team, and your clients will be impressed by the quality of their products and swift order completion.

Using these advanced toolkits also allows you to explore growth opportunities for your manufacturing facility. You gain the ability to take on more complex work, increase your total output, and expand the scope of your business by offering full-service design and programming capabilities.

Our efficient, operator-friendly, reliable, and intuitive software packages are engineered to operate seamlessly with our equipment, as well as machines built by all major manufacturers. Used individually or as a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, these tools provide an easy and time-saving interface to Siemens CNC systems. They allow you to navigate through complex setups and programming strategies with effortless simplicity.

Follow the links below to learn more about how each of our cutting edge software packages can help you maximize shop floor productivity, improve quality, eliminate waste, decrease downtime, and drive profitability.



Makes Machine Setup and  Interfacing with Siemens a Breeze

  • Simplifies the machine set up and adjusting of the CNC offsets.
  • Allows the operator to quickly and efficiently interface with the Siemens system.
  • Saves time by providing the operator a focused environment for setting the machine.
  • Work offset and rotation screens.
  • Offset values are calculated and entered for you.
  • Slide angle is calculated for you by touching off in two places.
  • Enter mandrel shape with hand wheel pendant, data can be imported by SpinCAD® and ZonePRO®.
  • Displays part count and cycle time, and allows batch setting.
  • Supports 2 axis, 3 axis, 4 axis mirror, 4 axis true.
  • Supports MJC’s custom 3-tool, 30 position turret and a wide variety of tool changers.

SetupPRO® Brochure



CNC Programming and Editing  Software

MJC Engineering and Technology, Inc. has spent years developing SpinCAD® with easy operator use and productivity in mind.

  • Point and Click Technology
  • Icon-driven Windows format
  • No prior CNC programming experience needed

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Read a Mandrel, Teaching In, Protection Zone, Playback

  • Scan mandrels on machines with tracing device to create protection zone.
  • Edit and save mandrel files or modify overall thickness or one section at a time.
  • Import mandrels from SetupPRO® for machines without tracing device to create protection zone.
  • Retrieve previously saved mandrels/protection zones.
  • Teach in spin passes with joystick.
  • Editing of mandrel can be done in SpinCAD®.
  • Complete and simple adjustments to teach in controls for operator convenience.
  • Real time “teach-in” spinning using ZonePRO® to create a spinning program.
  • ZonePRO® allows the operator to quickly and efficiently set a gap or offset for finished material against the form and set a protection area around the tooling form.
  • As the operator moves the spinning roller, the tool path is displayed on the screen and recorded for playback and or editing.
  • ZonePRO® tool path can be imported into SpinCAD® for editing and saving as a CNC program.
  • For short production runs, ZonePRO® will immediately play back the spin passes.

ZonePRO® Brochure



Fully Automatic Computerized Robotic Control

  • Thermal camera reads the material’s temperature
  • Sends command to Robot for heating and re-heating and automatic torch positioning
  • Robot sends commands to CNC Spinning Machine to start the cycle
  • Automatic re-heating if there is a drop of temperature in raw material



Data Collection

  • Shows spindle force in % and in Newton Meter
  • Shows all slide forces in % and in Newton Meter\
  • Export all spin-Data report to an Excel sheet
  • Shows parts per hour or parts per shift