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Grind Master in Strategic Alliance with MJC Engineering & Technology, USA – Turnkey Spinning and Flow Forming Solutions

We are pleased to announce the Strategic Alliance with MJC Engineering & Technology, USA and Grind Master Group. MJC Engineering and Grind Master are both entrepreneurial ventures with passion for machine building and both have a history of breakthrough innovations to solve problems in mission critical operations for our customers.

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& Quick Manufacturing News -New Equipment Digest Green Hydraulic Power

Green Hydraulic Power provides higher machine yeild, reducrs noise emissions by 20 dBA, generates less heat, produces shorter cycle time on various machine types and involves less oil volume, all resulting in a system that saves up to 70% in energy costs and reduces  the user’s carbon footprint.

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Manufacturing News

Manufacturing News – Green Hydraulic Power

Green Hydraulic Power is offered as a value-add on the Spectra line of Hydraulic Power Units provided on MJC machine builds and utilizes the unique Siemens SINAMICS variable speed servo pump drive. High demand hydraulic systems on many machine types significantly improve.

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Advance Forming Research Centre (AFRC) – 13th International Cold Forming Congress Highlights

MJC Engineering is honored to be invited and participate to the 13th International Cold Forming Congress hosted by  AFRC in Glasgow, Scottland. The 3-day conference brought leaders of the cold forming industry together to help define  the advancement and future of cold forming. Nevertheless, the speaker focused on achieving cost reduction while  increasing product complexity and customization.

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Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Machine Builder Unveils Green HPU – Hydraulics & Pneumatics

MJC Engineering, Huntington Beach, Calif., a long time builder of CNC metal-spinning, rotary forge, and flow forming machines, recently introduced an non-traditional member to its Spectra line of hydraulic power units (HPU).

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Company Week

Company Week

Andrew Coors became CEO of Steelhead Composites by way of 9th Street Investments, where he was involved in funding Lightning Hybrids in 2012.

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MJC High Speed 2 Roller Flow Former

Introducing the MJC High-Speed 2 Roller Flow Former

MJC is proud to introduce our newly developed High-Speed 2 Roller Flow Former. This machine is fully equipped with Robot Tending.

By combining the latest CNC Technology and Robot Tending, a new level of productivity and cycle time were reached at an impeccable rate.

This outstanding machine is on its way to its new facility in Mexico.

Metalforming Magazine June-2014 cover

MetalForming – Sheet Metal Forming and Fabrication Technology for Leading Edge Manufacturers – June 2014

Common Controls Simplify Spinning – p26
Carl Lorentzen, MJC Engineering & Technology, Inc., Huntington Beach, Calif.

Formed in 1967 as a provider of hand metal-spinning services, Ratliff Metal Spinning Co.  (RMS) has, over the years, adopted more technology to bring more science to the art of metal spinning. The company incorporates seven CNC spinning lathes from various manufacturers into workcells at its plant in Englewood, OH, enabling it to handle blanks to 63 in. dia.

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Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing Article

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing 2014 – Pg. 73-75.

Magazine April-2014 cover

Forge – The International Journal of Forging Business & Technology – April 2014 Vol. 6, No 2

Rotary Forging Celebrates a Century – p15
Carl Lorentzen, MJC Engineering & Technology, Inc., Huntington Beach, Calif.
Rotary forging is a cold-forming process invented by Edwin Elmer Slick in 1914. Slick Mills were used to form circular products such as railroad wheels and tire molds. More recently, research to further the process is being conducted at the University of Strathclyde’s Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC) in Glasgow, Scotland. The AFRC recently commissioned and installed a rotary forging system custom-built by California-based MJC Engineering and Technology Inc.

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