Global AGV

MJC Engineering & Technology is the leading US manufacturer of CNC metalforming machine and associated automation solutions. As part of our continued growth into meeting the demand for automated manufacturing solutions, MJC Engineering now offers Autonomous Forklifts by Global AGV. As a certified distributor of Autonomous Forklift and other robotic brand name products, we are able to provide turnkey automated solutions to move products within your facility.  The autonomous forklifts is very easy to install and implement in existing production environments.


Automation of simple pallet transports from A-B with the driverless forklift trucks from Global AGV. The AGV navigates with a laser system at a 360° field of view, which detects the surroundings so it can continually maneuver according to the planned routes. Should your logistics flow change, then the high flexibility allows you to change and map the route according to your new flow.

At Global AGV we help or customers with optimising their production by means of automation solutions with driverless forklift trucks.

We have developed a simple solution that is easy to install and implement in existing production environments.

As a part of BILA A/S – a professional automation company founded in 1998 in Denmark – we have several years’ experience. All our competencies are gathered one place – from consulting to development to implementation and service.


• Increased productivity
• Short payback time
• Improved work environment
• Simple integration in existing environments
• Quick and easy installation

Are you ready to optimize your internal pallet transportation tasks with an efficient and simple solution?

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