Industrial Robotics

Design & Engineering of Advanced Industrial Robotics

In support of our premium machine manufacturing services, at MJC Engineering we also offer advanced industrial robot controlled work cells to automate processes. Robots are able to load and unload machinery, as well as perform ancillary operations. Our engineering staff works closely with customers to determine the best integration of robotics into their particular production processes. All aspects of production logistics are considered, including size and layout of workspace, loading systems, and fabricated product size and weight. We have partnered with the leading robotics manufacturers to bring our customers the most cost effective, productive, and safe solutions for their applications.

Robotics can be added to existing machinery or built into new equipment. Robot controlled workcells with safety fencing will increase workplace safety. A robot can complete secondary operations while machining takes place, also a robotic worker has the ability to run in a lights out environment for a 24 hour manufacturing cycle. A successful robotic integration will maximize productivity and sharply reduce labor costs. For more information on our robotic integrations or the other manufacturing capabilities available please contact us.

Highlights of Industrial Robotics

  • Labor cost savings
  • Maximize productivity
  • When the machine is running, robot can attend to other functions (secondary operations)
  • With robotics applications, our machine can perform in a lights out manufacturing
  • environment
  • Meets safety standards

MJC Engineering is a proud System Integrator for the following Robotic companies

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