Self Driving Vehicles

Unlock the hidden potential of your facility

MJC Engineering & Technology, Inc. partnered with OTTO Motors by Clearpath to further increase your productivity without increasing your footprint or your work space. The Self Driving Vehicle (SDV) by OTTO Motors combines the flexibility of a person with the efficiency and reliability of automation so the right parts get to the right place at the right time. Otto finds a way. No tape, guides, or predefined paths required. Otto analyzes the environment and makes real-time decisions about its route depending on where it needs to go.

For more information on the Self Driving Vehicle (SDV) please contact us.

Highlights of MJC’s Self Driving Vehicle

  • Intelligent
  • Reliable
  • Labor Cost Savings
  • Maximize Quality and Productivity
  • Meets Safety Standards
  • Eliminate Operator Injury or Human Errors
  • Reclaim Unproductive Floor Space
  • Industry 4.0 Compatible
  • Custom Implementations and Workflows

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