MJC Engineering now offers Automated Pallet Dispenser by Palomat. As a certified distributor of Autonomous Forklift, SDV and other robotic brand name products, we are able to provide turnkey automated solutions to move products within your facility.  The Automated Pallet Dispenser is very easy to install and implement in existing production environments.


PALOMAT wants to provide dependable standard and individual pallet magazines/ pallet dispensers for the pallet handling – through originality, quality and know-how.

The aim is to improve the working environment for the individual employees, avoid manual pallet handling and heavy lifting, improved the work flow and creating profit at the bottom-line of the company.

We are at the cutting edge of efficiency of production, packing units, warehouses, and improving the working environment. We develop and manufacture pallet machines/ pallet dispensers that create order and efficiency in work environments where pallets are handled. Production is based on the lean principle, which helps to maintain high quality.

A good product has made us the preferred supplier of pallet magazines/ pallet dispensers in a number of domestic and international companies. We are known for original innovations in work environments – both with Stand Alone pallet magazines for pallet stacking and destacking at floor level as well as the PALOMAT Inline for integration in automatic systems and production lines. We have produced more than 1000 different pallet magazines for specific purposes, where the machines are adapted to the company – we have manufactured and delivered more than 7000 PALOMATs worldwide.


  • Space saving and a tidy workplace
  • Optimized pallet flow
  • Improved work environment
  • reduced pallet costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • No manual pallet handling
  • Fewer injuries
    • Back injury
    • Jammed fingers and feet

Are you ready to optimize your internal pallet transportation tasks with an efficient and simple solution?

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