Machinery CNC Upgrades

There is great value hidden in your old metal spinning machine. MJC Engineering and Technology, Inc.’s machinery upgrades can help you maximize the life of your existing machine. We provide numerous enhancements, covering key components and every major system. We incorporate the latest CNC Technology systems equipped with productivity-boosting software that can provide optimum performance of your old and obsolete machine control.

We have extensive experience in upgrading all CNC systems, we have even upgraded relatively new Leifeld PNC 75, 109 and 111 systems with our new and innovative CNC software suite for quick and repeatable changeover from 1 part to the next. Bring programs from one machine to run on another. Never Teach-In the same part again, regardless of slide angle!

Safety is integral to all of our processes– from design through installation. By upgrading your machine, we will bring it up to the current safety codes that can significantly diminish safety risks and mitigate failure mode.

Our technicians will assess your machinery; discuss a range of upgrade options, execution strategies and operational goals. A variety of automation options can be added to further increase productivity. Quality service is important to us and is our highest priority. We thoroughly test and validate all machine functions to ensure it is operating efficiently, accurately and with predictability. Ultimately, we work with your to find the solution that best fits your needs and challenges in metal spinning and forming.

Highlights of Machinery Upgrades:

  • Prolong the life of your machinery
  • Bring machines up to current safety standards
  • Lower cost than buying a new machine
  • Software Suite – The latest technology within software programming for spinning automation
  • Improves reliability
  • Increase production to meet growth in demand
  • Maximize operations productivity
  • Robot tender integration to you existing machine

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