Rotary Forging Equipment

At MJC Engineering we are dedicated to equipment and process innovation, producing practical results with technological advances. To that end, we have developed and applied new technology to the 100 year old rotary forging process, manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment that realizes the full potential of this method. Our breakthrough includes the full individual CNC control and manipulation of each of the four axes, resulting in unlimited capabilities in metal forming. Rotary forging can now be a cost effective way to construct precision parts to critical tolerances, while saving significant material costs. This is especially useful for producers of high end or specialized parts composed of exotic materials such as titanium, stainless steel, Inconel, Hastx and many more including those used in the aerospace industry.

Our rotary forging equipment is designed to produce parts with dimensional accuracies and surface finish qualities that will minimize or eliminate the need for additional machining operations. Rotary forging is the perfect solution for economical manufacturing of products including forged wheels and jet engine parts.

MJC’s engineering team uses 3D solid modeling and finite element analysis techniques to design, visualize, and simulate the machinery before it is built. We are capable of building presses to produce up to 500 mm diameter parts from all types of metal as well as difficult to form exotic materials and aerospace alloys. All machines are equipped with Siemens CNC controls and can be equipped with robotic loaders/unloaders and other automation features to meet application demands. Many other customized options are also available.

We have a proven history in premium machine building, preserving a reputation for superior workmanship and dedicated customer service. No machine leaves our shop until it undergoes exhaustive inspection and testing. For more about our custom rotary forging equipment, or the other advanced machinery options available please contact us directly.

Highlights & Capabilities of Rotary Forging Equipment

  • Form to near net shape and save up to 90% in expensive exotic material
  • Stronger – increased material properties
  • Tougher – by increasing material properties, our customers can maximixe the potential of their materials
  • Lighter – by increasing properties, customer can design lighter parts (less material, with more strength)
  • Integrated fully automated Robotics cells
  • Siemens Control System– Reliable, world known, service world-wide, flexible – upgrading old control systems with State-of-the-art/ new technology
  • By using MJC custom software, the entire forming process can be recorded, viewed or exported for future analysis. Can be permanently stored for traceability
  • Control features within our software include; parts count & parts per hour
  • We provide new technology that provides new solutions
  • Proven history in machine building

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