MJC SPC-270.150 SPC CNC Spinning Machines (specially designed for out-of-round lipskin manufacturing)

Advanced CNC Equipment for Metal Forming Technology.

MODEL SPC-270.150 Technical Specifications

Blank / Workpiece Dimensions
Max. Workpiece Length:1525 mm
Max. Workpiece Diameter:6860 mm
Min. Workpiece Diameter:1525 mm
Max. Wall Thickness:(Alum) 15 mm
Machine Data
Spindle Centerline:1830 mm
Longitudinal Slide Travel:762 mm
Max. Long. Slide Thrust:33 kN
Max. Long. Slide Speed:76 mm/sec
Transverse Slide Travel:1270 mm
Transverse Slide Thrust:33 kN
Transverse Slide Speed:4500 mm/min
Spindle Speed Range:0 – 120 RPM
Main Spindle Motor:112 kW
PLC Control:Siemens Step 7
CNC Control System:Siemens 840DsL
CNC Programming Software:SpinCAD®
Joystick Teach-In / Playback
SetupPRO® Setup Software
“Process Control” Software

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