Manufacturer: MJC SPT-9.40

Retrofit Highlights:

  • New high voltage electrical enclosure
  • New HMI with Siemens 840D CNC Control system
  • New 40 HP AC vector drive and motor with new belt and pulley
  • New hydraulic system with water/oil cooling system
  • New hoses and hose management system
  • New double roller system
  • New proportional valves
  • New spindle bearings and seals
  • New SMW clamping chuck
  • New machinery mount pads
  • New Ircon pyrometer system
  • New torch system with electric ignition and flame detection
  • New machine enclosure with automatic door and safety interlock
  • New diagnostics software for easy over the net troubleshooting
  • New remote operator pushbutton panel
  • “SetupPRO” machine set-up and diagnostics software package
  • “SpinCAD” machine programming software package
  • Machine painted in MJC colors

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