MJC WSV-26.300-3
MJC WSV-26.300-3

MJC WSV-26.300-3 Heavy-Duty 3-roller CNC Wheel Spinning Machines (for Aluminum Cast Wheels)

Advanced CNC Equipment for Metal Forming Technology.

MODEL WSV-26.300-3 Technical Specifications

Workpiece Dimensions
Min/Max. Rim diameter:14-26 in.
Max. Rim width:17 in.
Machine Data
AC-drive Motor:300 kW
Speed of Main Spindle min.-1:100-800
Tailstock Travel:600 mm
Tailstock Force:350 kN
Axial Slide Travel, Z-axis:500 mm
Max. Axial Force Z-axis:280 kN
Axial Speed Range, Z-axis:0–5000 mm/min
Axial Rapid Speed, Z-axis:8000 mm/min
Radial Slide Travel X-axis, (3 units):225 mm
Max. Radial Force:340 kN
Radial Speed Range, X-axis:0–5000 mm/min
Radial Rapid Speed, X-axis:8000 mm/min
Ejector Travel:350 mm
Ejector Force:200 kN
PLC Control:Siemens Step 7
CNC Control System:Siemens 840DsL
CNC Programming Software:SpinCAD®

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