Aerospace & Defense


MJC Engineering is the leading US manufacturer providing advanced heavy-duty metal forming equipment and solutions for the aerospace and defense industry.

Our CNC Machines use the latest technology available today for hot or cold forming of your parts.  Skilled in process-related technologies, including the use of high-performance products, we support a wide range of military and commercial aerospace applications.

MJC Engineering’s solutions meet Industry 4.0 and implement digitized intelligent platforms that enable best-in-class manufacturing processes.

Examples of Aerospace and Defense Equipment

Aerospace & Defense Capabilities

  • Build-to-print manufacturing
  • Low and medium volume production
  • Rework, remanufacture and repair
  • Testing, validation and verification services
  • Final product and subassembly manufacturing
  • Panel wiring and electrical enclosure fabrication & assembly
  • Custom mechanical manufacturing & assembly
  • Custom and production cable assembly
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for test (DFT)
  • Power distribution equipment assembly
  • Component sourcing
  • Traceability
  • Metal fabrication and mechanical assembly

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