Heartland Automation

MJC Engineering & Technology is proud to announce the strategic partnership with Heartland Automation as a systems integrator partner for automation solutions.

As the demand for automated manufacturing solutions continue to grow, MJC Engineering is always looking for new solutions. Partnering with Heartland Automation is a great addition to the line of automated solutions we offer.

At Heartland Automation we design and manufacture AutoGuide Mobile Robots. By integrating our own brand of mobile robots (AGVs), we can provide manufacturing and material handling solutions to a world on the move. We recognize that companies must gain a competitive edge in their marketplace to compete globally. Frequently, automating operations helps achieve that goal. With a shared commitment to customer service, continuous product development and creative engineering solutions, Heartland Automation will continue to place customers’ businesses at the forefront of automation technology and lean manufacturing. Heartland Automation provides all the support that is needed to deliver maximum value to your material handling operation.


  • Rugged Robust industrial vehicle with up to 15,000 lb. (6,804 kg) towing capacity
  • Smart Allocations and dynamic path planning from source to destination
  • Flexible Infrastructure-free Natural Features Navigation with high-resolution LiDAR and SLAM technology
  • Safe ANSI/ITSDF B56.5-2012 compliant
  • Productive Travels with full load up to 4 mph with automatic opportunity charging for maximum availability
  • Efficient On-board touchscreen operator interface with Wi-Fi communications to SurePath Fleet Control Software
  • Modular Based on the MAX-N Base AMR

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