MJC SPT-1275-3
MJC SPT-1275-3

MJC MJC SPT-1275-3 Heavy-Duty CNC Steel Pipe Reduction Machines

Advanced CNC Equipment for Metal Forming Technology.

Model SPT-1275-3 Technical Specifications

Workpiece Dimensions
Workpiece Diameter (Steel Tubing):8 mm wall thickness
Machine Configuration:2-Roller, 3-Axis
Max. Part Diameter:305 mm
Max. Part Length:1220 mm
Machine Data
Hole thru Spindle Diameter:330 mm
Spindle Chuck Type:Hydraulic Clamping
Hydraulic Clamp Travel:12.7 mm
Feedslide Stroke "Z"-axis:406 mm
Feedslide Force:53 kN
Topslide Stroke "X"- axis:203 mm
Topslide Force:53 kN
Feedslide Speed:0-152 mm/sec.
Topslide Speed:0-152 mm/sec.
Hydraulic Power Unit:30 kW
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity:300 Liter
Spindle Motor:56 kW AC Vector
Spindle Speed Range:500 – 1500 RPM
Slide Lubrication Method:Grease
Hydraulic Oil/Air Cooling System:Automatic
PLC Control:Siemens Step 7
CNC Control System:Siemens 840DsL
CNC Programming Software:SpinCAD®
Machine Operator Panel:Remote

Other Features Included

  • Adjustable End Stop for Consistent Tube Lengths
  • Automatic Torch System
  • Heating Gas Regulators
  • Robotic loading and unloading

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